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So excited to get this note and great tips from Divya...

Congratulations Sirisha, for taking the initiative and getting elected to the Board of this organization! My tips:

1. Remind yourself of your worth and that networking is a relationship among equals, even if someone is more accomplished or senior. Don’t be shy or nervous; the others are likely feeling similarly.

2. Engage in conversation by being curious. Ask about their background, what they do now, what brings them fulfillment, what keeps them up at night, hobbies. Ask for their advice / perspectives.

3. Stay connected by engaging with their online content, grabbing coffee (even virtually) every few weeks or months or sharing an article you think they might find helpful.

4. Networking isn’t just about taking but also giving back. If not now, then in the future. It’s a two-way street and you will have your chance to give back. Express your appreciation for the conversation and let them know you’d like to stay in touch and be of help to them in the future.

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